Minecraft Dungeons: Best Rogue / Assassin / Ninja-style Build Guide

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Minecraft Dungeons is an awesome action RPG with a bright future ahead of it. New expansions are fast approaching as we dive deeper into the endgame, farming gear, and figuring out the best builds for each playstyle.

As part of our series on Best Minecraft Dungeons Character Builds, here’s a deeper look at what ninja-style rogue players should look out for when making a build.

This build revolves specifically around the Nightmare’s Bite sickles and Spider Armor. Working in conjunction, the Nightmare’s Bite spawns a large poison cloud on every strike, damaging enemies in an area of effect. The Spider Armor applies a 3 percent life steal aura on your character too, ensuring that you don’t die while in the melee. Your playstyle with this build will depend heavily on what enchants you’re able to get onto this gear, which we’ll cover in the next section.

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As for ranged weapons, since this build is all about melee, ideally you’ll be looking for a bow or crossbow that either feed the fantasy or the build, or come with specifically useful enchants, such as Tempo Theft, to help you increase your speed.

All items can be found from the Blacksmith if you’re lucky, but you can narrow it down by using Minecraft Dungeon’s loot tables. The Nightmare’s Bite can drop in Pumpkin Pastures, Arch Haven, or the Desert Temple. The Spider Armor can drop anywhere Thief Armor drops, including the Desert Temple, and Redstone Mines.

Ideal enchants

Grabbing the right enchants on your items can be a rather random affair, oftentimes it makes sense to just go with the best enchants you get and adapt as necessary. However, if you’re able to grab any of these, it can seriously boost your build.

Ideal artifacts

Depending on your survivability and playstyle, some of these can probably be swapped out and intermixed, but these are all oriented around surviving going toe-to-toe with large amounts of mobs, or taking hits from some of the heavier, more dangerous mini-bosses like the Redstone Monstrosity.

  • Iron Hide Amulet: If you want to stand in melee range and take hits to the face while slicing everything to pieces, this is a good option. It also helps on bosses where your ability to stun is negated entirely.
  • Shock Powder: This produces a very large, very long area-effect stun which is an incredibly useful tool for taking advantage of your life steal aura, and making up for lost ground with the enemy.
  • Light Feather: This is an invaluable option for any melee striker, letting you get in and out of combat rapidly with a bonus stun for good measure. It also has a very short, very generous cool down.
  • Fishing Rod: Want to maximize your Spider Ninja fantasy? Stringing mobs towards you with a bonus stun can be surprisingly useful, especially on tankier mobs, or annoying ranged mobs like, indeed, spiders.
  • Death Cap Mushroom: Damage-boosters best friend, the Death Cap Mushroom massively increases your attack speed, leading to truly insane damage-per-second. Few enemies will be able to withstand an onslaught with this for any length of time.

What do you think?

What sort of build are you using in Minecraft Dungeons? What kind of build guide would you like to see us put together next? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll get to it!

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