Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is getting new behind-the-scenes fixes

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The closer we get to the release of the Nether Update for Minecraft, the less interesting new builds are going to be. For a while now, new releases have been minor tweaks and fixes galore, and the newest beta being released today is no different at all. In fact, build contains exactly one fix over the last beta, but one that’s still very important to ensure everyone gets the same great experience at launch.

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The fix in this build is:

  • This week’s beta includes more back-end fixes to address several issues with account sign in and multiplayer

We shouldn’t be too far away from an actual release date, so relish every bug fix as we inch closer and closer. If you want to see the full blog post detailing this release, you can find that here. Otherwise, check out our guide on joining the Minecraft beta to get in on this very exciting action.

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