Mid-range Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phone coming to Europe

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Europe

The Samsung Galaxy Note is still popular. We’re not sure if Samsung will finally integrate the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note next year but for now, we’re looking at the idea of an affordable Galaxy Note version. This year, the South Korean tech giant released two Note 10 models: the regular Note 10 and the Note 10+. Coming to Europe soon is another model: the Galaxy Note (SM-N770F). This one is said to be affordable. By affordable we mean cost lower than the regular Note 10 price.

This affordable Galaxy Note is said to be available in Red and Black. It will be out in Europe only where there is a market for niche phones. It’s really more of a watered-down version of the Note 10 that is expensive at $950.

Some people just want to have that S Pen experience—using a stylus on a Galaxy phone. The European version of the Galaxy Note also supports the S Pen but sans the higher specs of the original Note 10. Not much information has been given but we’re assuming it is more mid-range.

The phone with model number SM-N770F is believed to be a Galaxy Note because the other Note flagships are known as SM-N9xxx. This isn’t the first time a non-flagship Galaxy Note would be released. We remember the Galaxy Note 3 Neo before.

So the Galaxy Note SM-N770F follows the Galaxy Note 3 Neo? That is a possibility. We’re assuming Samsung will give it another name like maybe a Galaxy Note 10 Lite, Galaxy Note 10e, or Galaxy Note 10 Neo. Let’s wait and see for an official announcement.

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