Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 update blunder seems particularly bad

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Yet another issue seems to affect Windows 10 users as a result of a Windows Update. This time, people report that Windows 10 KB4532693 is deleting files from their desktops. Windows Latest spotted the reported issue on a Microsoft answers forum. The issue seems to delete all files saved on the desktop.

It’s important to note that this issue isn’t widely reported, at least not at the moment. Multiple users have reported similar issues, but Microsoft has not commented on the issue, and there aren’t widespread reports and complaints like with some other recent issues. If the rpports are true and a Windows Update is deleting people’s files, it’s a serious bug.

TechRader reports that some people have managed to restore their files, but others have been unable to do so. The issue renames and moves people’s user profile, causing the file deletion problem.

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An upset user within the Microsoft answer forum shared their experience with the issue:

Thank you microsoft for the latest updates which totally wiped all settings from my system on each start up. Everything reverted to basic settings. All my programme information and settings were also deleted from every programme on my system several apps were deleted completely keyboard settings, language screen res everything gone. Updates now turned off.

It’s often difficult to determine how widespread and serious these types of issues are. As Windows Updates affect so many people, a spotlight is placed on any issue with Windows 10. If the user reports are accurate and the issue related to a Windows Update, it’s the second update-related issue within the last week.

Microsoft recently removed Security update KB4524244 because it caused an issue on a subset of PCs. That update caused “Push Button Reset” to fail. This new issue seems more serious, as it could result in a large number of people’s files being deleted.

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