Microsoft’s Family Safety app exits preview on Android and iOS

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The Microsoft Family Safety app is officially out of preview starting today. Family Safety is geared towards parents, allowing them to set content restrictions, limit screen time, and view an activity log of what their kids are doing online. Microsoft initially launched the app in May as a preview, but now anyone can try it.

“Microsoft Family Safety helps you to facilitate a dialogue with your kids about the time they are spending on their devices and type of content they are viewing,” Microsoft said during the May launch of the preview. “The app provides transparency on where everyone is spending time online and allows you to create flexible schedules to carve out more time for things like online learning. Additionally, it helps you stay connected even when you’re apart with location sharing.”

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Here’s a quick rundown of the app’s features:

  • Activity reports – Develop healthy digital habits

    • Activity log of screen time and online usage
    • Weekly email summary report of activity
  • Screen time – Find screen time balance

    • Screen time app and game limits on Xbox, Windows, Android
    • Screen time device limits on Xbox and Windows
    • Screen limit settings with daily schedule management
    • Screen time manger with notifications if user requests more time
  • Content filters – Explore safely with content filters

    • Web filters for kid-friendly browsing on Microsoft Edge
    • Block inappropriate apps and games
  • Family location tracker – Locate your loved ones

    • GPS location tracker to locate your family
    • Location sharing when you’re out and about
    • Track locations and save frequently visited locations

To get the most out of Microsoft Family Safety’s features, you have to be somewhat invested in Microsoft’s ecosystem. Keeping track of websites visited requires kids to be using Microsoft Edge and be logged into their Microsoft account, for example. Likewise, setting up app and game limits only works on Xbox, Windows, and Android devices.

Still, in a time when more kids will be learning from home, Microsoft Family Safety could come in handy for keeping your kids on task. If you want to give the app a try, you can download it now for Android and iOS devices.

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