Microsoft will give you up to $650 off a Galaxy Note 10 with a trade-in

Microsoft has had a trade-in program for some time now, but with Apple’s iPhone event happening yesterday, many people are evaluating their mobile devices. If you were underwhelmed by the iPhone 11 or you’re a happy Android user and want to upgrade to the Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy Note 10+, you can get up to $650 in credit when you trade-in your old phone.

How much you get for your old phone depends largely on the model of phone and the condition that it’s in. Trading in a Galaxy Note 9, iPhone X, or Google Pixel 3 can get you up to $650 in credit towards a new Galaxy Note device. Even a Pixel 2 or iPhone 8 can get you up to $450, and those devices are getting on in years, at least in terms of the fast-paced smartphone era. Microsoft has a full breakdown of the value of phones through the program on its website.

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In order to trade-in your phone and earn credit, you have to take your device to a physical Microsoft Store. You can not take advantage of the deal online.


Galaxy Note 10/10+

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note phone

These powerful smartphones feature an impressive amount of internal storage and come with a pair of USB-C headphones. The S Pen gives you more control with handwritten notes, air gestures, and photo editing.

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