Microsoft Whiteboard’s web app now supports more documents from Windows 10

Microsoft Whiteboard recently gained the ability to view more documents in its web app. People can now see PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint documents within the web app that were added through the Windows 10 app. This change makes the web version of Microsoft Whiteboard more useful, which is handy for anyone that can’t use a native app or prefers to use the web app. Ian Mikutel, the Senior Project Lead in charge of Microsoft Whiteboard, shared the news on Twitter.

Microsoft Whiteboard allows several people to collaborate on a shared virtual whiteboard. It syncs in real-time and allows people to work together from different devices. Microsoft Whiteboard is currently available on Windows 10, iOS, and the web. Android tablets don’t have a native application but can use the web app.

To use the web app for Microsoft Whiteboard, you need to sign in with a work or school Office 365 account. The Windows 10 and iOS apps work with personal, work, and school accounts.

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