Microsoft UK customers can get a refurb Xbox Series X for just £383 right now

The Xbox Series X is the world’s most powerful console on paper, bringing the best of Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem into your living room. Combined with Xbox Game Pass, the Xbox Series X offers hundreds of high-quality games in crisp 4K, often pushing frame rates up to 120 FPS on supported 120 Hz TVs and monitors. 

For this week’s Prime Day sales force, it seems Microsoft is getting in on the action too. Its refurb department is selling renewed Xbox Series X (pre-owned, but refurbished) for just £383 quid, bringing it significantly below the typical £450 asking price. 

The Xbox Series X is a true beast of a console, but it’s by no means cheap. Grabbing this refurbished unit from Microsoft can net you a truly sizeable saving, leaving you with extra cash to buy a subscription to Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass gives you all of Microsoft’s home-grown games as part of the subscription, including games like Sea of Thieves, Halo Infinite, Gears of War, and Forza Horizon. The Xbox Series X is also guaranteed to get major upcoming titles like Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI, with many, many more Xbox games upcoming between now and 2023 and beyond

The Xbox Series X upgrades the previous-gen consoles with an SSD, reducing loading times from minutes to mere seconds. The Xbox Series X shines most on 4K OLED or QLED TV sets, where HDR lighting adds a new dimension to games, with UHD resolutions boosting clarity and sharpness for immaculate visuals. The Xbox Series X also has a Blu-ray drive for your home movie collection and can be integrated with your main TV remote using HDMI-CEC features or even Amazon Echo speakers. 

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