Microsoft trademarks ‘Xbox Series,’ fueling Xbox Series S speculation

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Microsoft continues to establish the foundations for Xbox Series X, the upcoming iteration of its flagship games console. The ambitious next-generation device targets heightened visual fidelity and performance, scheduled to hit store shelves later this year.

While Microsoft’s focus currently sits with Xbox Series X, the prospect of an affordable, lower tier continues to circulate. Talk of the device has circulated for years, expected to accommodate the budget-conscious buyer, with some of the advancements provided by its sister console. With the “Series” moniker leaving space for models beyond an X-tier, Microsoft’s next-generation positioning supports the theory.

The “Xbox Series S” looks increasingly feasible, with a recent trademark filing suggesting further groundwork to support the console. Microsoft has locked down the “Xbox Series” name as of June 12, as reported by Generacion Xbox, accompanying the existing trademark for Xbox Series X. While the filing doesn’t guarantee new products, clearly also tying the existing Series X, it further fuels speculation surrounding the unannounced device.

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Internally codenamed Xbox Lockhart, Xbox Series S is expected to target around four teraflops of graphical performance — roughly a third of Xbox Series X. The more affordable offering likely features some of the next-generation features, like AMD’s latest generation hardware architectures, and solid-state storage. The status remains unclear, but we know a two-pronged approach remains under consideration.

Microsoft’s latest will likely lead the market in terms of graphical prowess, but premium hardware doesn’t come cheap. Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 pricing both remain unknown, as a factor likely to play a crucial role in the appeal of either console. Sony’s recent PlayStation 5 unveiling also included a “Digital Edition” that cuts the disc drive, leaving a well-defined space in Microsoft’s lineup.

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