Microsoft To Do update brings better smart list and view options

Last May 6, Wunderlist users officially closed the door on their favorite to-do list app. But if you’ve already transferred your loyalty to Microsoft To Do, on that same day, you got a lot of new features that would help you use the app and see your tasks better. The latest update brings some familiar Wunderlist features like smart lists and better view options. Over the years Microsoft has been bringing over to To Do the things that users loved about Wunderlist and improving on them as well.

You will now be able to see all your tasks in just one view with your All and Completed smart lists. You will not see them as just one, long endless list but they will be sectioned per list. This way, if you want to just see your work-based tasks, you can close the other irrelevant lists and see all that you need to finish for your work. You can also see all the Completed tasks and they will still be divided by list.

You also now have an updated view in your Planned list. You can choose from a Today, Tomorrow, and Week view. You can group by list so if what you want to see are your home-related tasks for today, tomorrow, or next week, you can close the other sections. What’s great about this app is there are different ways you can view your various tasks and lists so you can shift to whatever you currently need.

You can also now choose where to add your new tasks, either to the top of the list or to the bottom, whichever is more intuitive for you. You can also choose if you want your starred tasks to move to the top or stay where they are. Aside from the Completed smart list, you can also now see your completed tasks at the bottom of each list. This way, it’s easier to bring them back if you need to do it again.

You can also now print your lists if you want to keep one when you shop or when you work offline. You can also email a list to someone by saying it as a PDF. Update your Microsoft To Do app to the latest version to enjoy all these features.

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