Microsoft To Do gets new shortcut for creating tasks on Android

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Microsoft To Do is a straightforward app for managing tasks and to-do lists. It’s available on every major platform and the web, and it’s designed to make it easy to create new tasks. With the latest update to Microsoft To Do for Android, you can create a task by sharing an image.

The same update also has some bug fixes. Here’s everything new, as found on its changelog:

  • Now you can create a task by sharing an image in To Do.
  • In this version we have also fixed app crash bugs and bug for a smooth Widget experience.
Following the update, creating a task through Microsoft To Do becomes a share target. When you’re in an app that supports the sharing menu, such as your phone’s gallery or Google Photos, you can select “Add new task.” You’re then taken into Microsoft To Do to add any details, such as a due date or reminder.

Adding an image to a task is a simple way to make the task more memorable. The new shortcut option makes it easier to create rich to-do list items.

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