Microsoft Teams to gain features to prevent burnout while working from home

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Microsoft Teams will gain wellbeing and productivity insights and features that will help deliver a personalized experience within the virtual workspace. The new features will suggest actions that people should take to improve their wellbeing and provide insights such as suggested tasks for the day. The majority of these new features will roll out in October, though some are available starting in September. Microsoft announced the new features as part of Ignite 2020.

The insights and features are powered by MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics. Once they roll out, they will let you schedule a virtual commute in the morning and help you disconnect in the evening. Apps such as Headspace will help you check in on your own mental wellbeing as well as the mental health of your colleagues with emotional check-ins.

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People can also receive suggested tasks for the day and other productivity insights in their Outlook inbox through a daily briefing email from Cortana. This feature will roll out sometime this month.

While there are plenty of essential bits of technology that help you work from home, you won’t be able to utilize those tools if you’re burnt out or struggling. As more people work from home, keeping a work-life balance becomes more difficult. Some people also struggle to stay connected through a virtual work environment or get burnt out. These new features should help people stay engaged and provide avenues for people to see if someone is struggling.

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