Microsoft Teams is getting closer To Do and Planner integration

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Updated November 4, 2019: We’ve added a quote from John Peluso on private channels for Microsoft Teams.

As part of its Ignite 2019 conference, Microsoft unveiled some handy new features coming to Microsoft Teams. The additions largely focus on making it easier to get more done, adding in several requests Teams users have had since the service launched.

Continuing with its tradition of bringing its services closer together, Microsoft announced To Do and Planner task integration, which means you won’t have to fiddle with the apps outside of Teams to make sure you’re staying on task. Teams and Outlook are also coming close together, allowing you to send an email thread directly to a Teams channel to further discuss its contents.

In addition to the above, Teams will also get secure private channels and multiwindow chats and meetings. Pinned channels, a feature Slack users will be familiar with, are also coming to Teams.

John Peluso, Microsoft Regional Director and CTO, public sector at AvePoint shared how private channels will solve problems for teams.

The introduction of Private Channels will solve very specific and widespread problems with how larger teams across organizations communicate. For one, Private Channels will help improve security. Currently, those who communicate frequently across large teams are always tempted to overshare information rather than separate teams. With the introduction of Private Channels, this will no longer happen.

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