Microsoft Surface Earbuds market release delayed to next year

That pair of Microsoft Surface Earbuds you have been waiting for won’t be arriving yet. There is a delay in the release. When we first shared with you the new wireless earphones, it was noted they will be out later this year. Sadly, the $249 earbuds from the software giant, offering in medium gray and white, are not ready yet according to Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay. The product isn’t ready yet so a year-end rollout is not happening.

Our friends over at SlashGear had their hands-on with the Microsoft Surface Earbuds last month. The pair seemed ready but apparently, it needs some more enhancements and testing. It didn’t look or sound like a prototype. In fact, it was thought to be available soon because it looked really ready for commercial release.

We’re not sure what’s happening over at Microsoft. We find it interesting the company has also started working with other brands to integrate 3rd-party app controls like Spotify for the Surface Earbuds. The earbuds are a follow-up to the Microsoft Surface Headphones that launched in 2018.

Maybe Microsoft wasn’t really ready in the first place, after all, the already announced Surface Duo and Surface Neo have yet to be available in 2020. Perhaps Microsoft miscalculated production or they discovered a major bug that must be fixed. Instead of unveiling a low-quality device, the company just chose to delay the rollout.

Microsoft is now set to introduce the Surface Earbuds in Spring 2020. It will be a global release so let’s wait and see.

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