Microsoft Surface Duo to offer better Surface Pen stylus support

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Microsoft Surface Duo

The Surface Duo will be revealed later this 2020. It will happen as promised by Microsoft. It was announced in 2019–a year ahead before the scheduled market release. Some details were not clear but new pieces of information are being leaked. Units are said to be under testing. The Schedule of market release will go as planned while the Surface Neo would be delayed. If things go well, the Microsoft Surface Duo may even come earlier than expected. Some teaser videos were leaked online but we’re assuming more info will be shared before the official launch.

Microsoft’s Surface Duo will arrive with 6GB of RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, and an 11MP primary camera. We’re putting this under the mid-range category since the choice of the chipset is slightly old now. There’s already the SD 865 and we’re crossing our fingers Microsoft will decide to use it instead.

The Microsoft Surface Duo will work with the Surface Pen. This means you can write, draw, or doodle on the screen with the use of a special stylus. It promises more natural writing feel as if you’re using a real pen on paper.

Microsoft has added gestures to the Surface Pen so it can respond to clicks and double-taps. The device can identify the digital pen from a finger so working between the screens is seamless. It’s made possible with the lack of latency or lag. It also allows you to write or draw on both displays or two Bluetooth gadgets at once.

For this to work, Microsoft will look into the value of the ‘MotionEvent.getToolType’. This is actually on the Android platform that will run on the Microsoft Surface Duo. All these and more promise better stylus support from the Surface Duo. Expect enhancements to the device and stylus especially once the Surface Duo gets Android 11.

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