Microsoft Surface Duo specs leaked, units being tested

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Microsoft Surface Duo Specs

Over a week ago, we told you Microsoft Surface Duo would still be on schedule while Surface Neo would be delayed. A delay in launch is expected especially these days but it’s not something we want to be part of the “New Normal”. We know the software giant is still working on the devices. We already know the Surface Neo is a hybrid-tablet-and-laptop. As for the dual-screen Surface Duo, the device is smaller so it can be considered as a smartphone.

The Microsoft Surface Duo will roll out soon but details have been scarce. We just know the device will come with two 5.6-inch screens with 1800 x 1350 resolution. It’s also only 4.8mm thin.

The device is said to support a stylus called Surface Pen to allow more productivity. As for the RAM and storage capacities, not much has been given. Microsoft actually took the risk of announcing a gadget a year before the scheduled launch. There is that risk of not going into production at all.

We believe Microsoft’s intention to deliver the two products. We just need to be patient. We’re looking forward to the possibility of an early launch. Rumor has it the device is ready and can now be tested by employees. That could mean the market release could really be early.

The Surface Duo is said to arrive with AMOLED displays with 401-pixel density, 6GB of RAM, 64GB or 256GB built-in storage, Snapdragon 855 processor, 11MP camera sensor (selfie and rear), and a 3460mAh battery with USB-C fast charging. It won’t come with 5G support so expect only 3G and 4G LTE. It’s not yet clear if the Surface Duo will come with NFC or wireless charging tech.

The Microsoft Surface Duo will run on Android with pre-installed apps. Mainly, first-party apps from Microsoft will be readily available. Of course, it can also run Android apps.

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