Microsoft Surface Duo 2 to arrive with updated Microsoft Launcher

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Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Microsoft is still set to release the new Surface Duo 2. We are expecting it will be better as the original model was released with a number of issues. The hybrid phone-tablet works but like most gadgets today, it can be improved in many ways. At launch, the device was running Android 10. It also came with a Microsoft Launcher but it’s been outdated. It’s about time the software giant is updating the launcher. Well, the new features and enhancements may not be available right away for the Surface Duo owners but rumor has it the Surface Duo 2 may arrive with a newer Microsoft Launcher.

It’s not clear when Microsoft will release the Surface Duo 2 but it could be delayed a bit. Some Microsoft Surface Duo users are still waiting for the Android 11 update. We believe it will be ready soon but for now, we want to make sure that a new Surface Duo 2 will be ready.

The Surface Duo 2 may be announced this coming October with a lower price. The new Microsoft Launcher could very well be part of the package. There’s enough time for the company to address the issues of the first-gen Surface Deo.

We’re probably looking at an almost similar look but we’re crossing our fingers the mobile device will be more durable. It should be more well-built to prevent the cracking around the USB port.

Several enhancements must be introduced especially on the imaging department. The next-gen Surface Duo 2 should also come with NFC and a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset with 5G. The device should be faster, more responsive, more durable, and more responsive.

Microsoft is believed to be working closely with Google to help in the development of Android. Doing so will allow better support for dual screen devices and in the future, more foldable phones.

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