Microsoft reveals stunning Terminator: Dark Fate Xbox One X

Do you love custom consoles? Are you a collector? Well, you’re in luck. Today, Microsoft revealed a custom Xbox One X that features a Terminator: Dark Fate theme. The highlight of the device has to be the amazing console that has a melting Terminator skull on it. The message Windows Central received from Microsoft said the following.

To celebrate the release of Paramount Pictures’ newest entry in the Terminator movie mythos, Xbox and Paramount created a one-of-a-kind, custom Xbox One X in the design of Terminator: Dark Fate. Xbox teased on Twitter the custom console on Monday of this week, offering a cryptic glimpse, and on Friday morning will unveil the full design featuring the mechanic skull of the new Rev-9 Terminator. Maybe the best part, the Rev-9 Terminator’s red eye lights up when the custom Xbox is connected to power!

Starting November 1 and running through November 15, Microsoft will host a giveaway on Twitter for the extremely limited edition Xbox One X. All you have to do is like, retweet, and comment on which side of the fight you’re on. Hopefully, you favor humanity, but, honestly, the way things are going, no one would blame you if you wanted the machines to win.

The winner will receive the console as well as a code for Gears 5: Ultimate Edition. However, the winner will also get a second Xbox One X so that they can display the Terminator console wherever they want.

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