Microsoft Planner has a new icon, and it’s unique

Microsoft continues its rollout of new icons. Microsoft Planner now has a new icon that’s rolling out and its in line with the style of the new Office icons and other new icons from Microsoft. OnMSFT points out that the new Microsoft Planner icon appears on the Office 365 dashboard, but it has not rolled out to the iOS or Android app store listings. The new icon was first spotted by Aggiornamenti Lumia.

The new Microsoft Planner icon is in line with Microsoft’s other new icons in that it has rounded corners and features a series of shapes within a color range. It does, however, have some design elements that are unique. It is the first new icon to feature a concave shape. The Microsoft Planner icon looks a bit like a rectangle with pieces missing. This looks a bit like post-it notes on a board. All of the other new Microsoft icons that feature rectangular shapes are complete rectangles. Additionally, the Microsoft Planner logo doesn’t feature a letter like many of the icon icons, including Word, Teams, and SharePoint. There are a couple of other icons that don’t feature a letter such as To Do and OneDrive.

Microsoft updated the icons of its most popular apps, including all of the Office apps and Skype. It seems that the push continues into apps that are specific for Office 365 customers, such as Microsoft Planner and other less popular apps.

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