Microsoft continues to hold Windows 10 version 1809 close to the chest. While all of the other Win10 versions have had their usual twice-a-month cumulative updates, the latest version of the last version of Windows, 1809, still sits in the Windows Insider Release Preview Ring.

For most people, that’s excellent news. It seems that Microsoft is willing to hold off until they get the bugs fixed, at least in the 1809 releases. May I hear a “hallelujah” from the chorus?

Mystery update bulldozer KB 4023057 hits the Catalog

You’ve heard me talk about KB 4023057 many times, most recently in January. It’s a mysterious patch that Microsoft calls an “update reliability improvement” whose sole reason for existence, as best I can tell, is to blast away any blocks your machine may have to keep the next version of Windows (in this case, Win10 1809) from installing on your machine.

KB 4023057 and its predecessor KB 4022868 have gone through 50 or so versions over the past three-plus years, and it’s always been distributed stealthily – you get it when you install updates, unless you go to great pains to block it. @PKCano has a thorough description of the tortuous procedure for preventing its installation.

Now comes word from @abbodi86 that on Thursday, for the first time, KB 4023057 has appeared in the Microsoft Update Catalog. It’s not clear why the old bete noire has been elevated to Catalog status – and I doubt Microsoft will ever tell us.

Old Access bugs fixed. Mostly.

February’s earlier Windows patches wreaked havoc on old Access databases. In January, Access 97 file format databases got clobbered by all of the Windows updates. Then Access 95 databases got the shiv. It’s almost as if nobody tests the Win10 cumulative updates against older databases, wouldn’t you say?

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