Microsoft Office files can now be edited on Android G Suite

If you use Microsoft Office for your documents but you also have G Suite for your enterprise needs, you will now be able to use the two together. Google announced that you will now be able to edit Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files on your mobile device using G Suite for Android devices. This means you do not need to install the Microsoft Office suite on your phone and just use the native G suite versions to work on your files.

The G Suite on your Android device will now be able to fully edit documents with extensions like .doc, .xls, and .ppt. This feature is actually available on the web already but now it will be available for your Android device. You will be able to edit, comment, and collaborate on these Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) through their own Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Previously, you could edit Microsoft Office files when using G Suite but you had to convert your files to the native G Suite versions and then export them again as Word, Excel, or Powerpoint. It was such a hassle of course but now it’s much easier as you could edit in its own native format and just save it to your Google Drive and access on your desktop. It will streamline your workflow and save you a lot of time on going back and forth and converting files.

Google also says that this feature will improve sharing options and sharing controls within your G Suite enterprise. This also means you don’t always need to download and email these files as they can just be email attachments. QuickOffice, which was the previous program used, will no longer be needed and available. It had limited functionality and collaboration support anyway, so good riddance.

Google has started rolling this out to G Suite customers and users with personal Google Accounts. It’s on an extended rollout so it might take them 15 days to finish bringing ti to all users.

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