Microsoft News has helped publishers receive $1 billion since 2014

Surface Duo Ms News ReaderSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft News is a popular news service that gathers together content from a large collection of publishing partners. The service has over 500 million monthly users across MSN, Bing News, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Launcher, and Microsoft’s apps on iOS, Android, and Windows. Microsoft News shared figures this week regarding how much revenue it’s shared with publishing partners and how it’s expanded since its launch.

Microsoft News moved away from creating its own content in 2014, instead focusing on licensing and curating content from other publishers. The service licenses content from over 4,500 media brands and uses a mixture of AI and human insight to curate content across its various delivery mediums. Since shifting to this approach of licensing content, Microsoft has shared over $1 billion with publishing partners.

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A blog post from Microsoft News also shares that the service is available across 180 countries and is in 31 languages. This week, Microsoft also released a blog post that outlines several ways the company will support journalism, including supporting local newsrooms.

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