Microsoft may have delayed Windows 10X and Surface Neo beyond 2020

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Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10X and Surface Neo products may not be shipping in time for the holiday after all, according to a new report from ZDNet’s Mary-Jo Foley. This means that other Windows 10X devices from third-party manufactures also won’t be launching at the end of this year like originally planned. Microsoft’s dual-screen Windows 10X effort has been put on pause.

I have also heard that Windows 10X has been delayed beyond 2020. What I haven’t been able to confirm is whether or not Windows 10X will still be coming to single-screened experiences. According to Mary-Jo Foley, Microsoft wants to prioritize bringing Windows 10X to single-screen devices first, a monumental shift in strategy for Windows 10X as a whole, which so far has been all about dual-screen support.

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Windows 10X on a single-screened Surface is codenamed Pegasus, and is an effort Microsoft has been working on alongside bringing Windows 10X to dual-screen devices. It was a shock when Microsoft announced Windows 10X that was for dual-screen PCs only because those who knew better understood that was not the case. Mary-Jo Foley’s report suggests Microsoft is returning to its original idea instead of pushing for the dual-screen form factor first.

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing Windows 10X on any device form factors this year. Microsoft needs more time to finish the OS, and it’s likely the ongoing pandemic hasn’t helped things in getting that done. The good news is Microsoft may be planning to bring some of the technological advancements found on Windows 10X over to full Windows 10, such as the ability to run legacy programs virtualized.

I’m still hearing that Surface Duo is on track for this year, and could launch as soon as this summer. But Surface Neo, and Windows 10X, looks to be coming at a later date now.

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