Microsoft just made it easier to set up a Windows 365 Cloud PC

Microsoft is now testing one of its most requested features for Windows 365. It’s now possible for an admin to provision a Cloud PC without a full Azure subscription being required. Instead, a Cloud PC can be set up through Azure AD Join through a Microsoft Hosted Network. The new option is available in public preview starting today for Windows 365 Enterprise.

The new process is outlined by Microsoft in a Tech Community post:

Azure AD Join Windows 365 Cloud PC support – This has been by far the most requested feature since Windows 365 reached general availability. With Azure AD Join as a Cloud PC join type option, you no longer need an existing Azure infrastructure to use the service, just your Azure AD users.

If admins prefer to use their own Azure virtual network, that’s still an option.

Microsoft has localized the first-run experience for Cloud PCs. A longer list of languages is now available when creating Cloud PCs. Admins can choose to have a language and region pack installed on a Cloud PC when it’s being set up. A total of 38 languages are available for this process.

Also starting today, Windows 365 is supported in the U.S. Central and Germany West Central regions.

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