Microsoft Flight Simulator snaps back to the 90s with three CRT monitors

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is a stunning game that brings modern graphics and visuals to a classic line from Microsoft. In addition to being a beautiful game on its own, Microsoft Flight Simulator also comes with a healthy helping of nostalgia. The game is the return of a long-sleeping franchise from Microsoft and brings many people back to playing its predecessor with a joystick on a gigantic computer in the 90s. One gamer decided to take the nostalgia to another level by playing Microsoft Flight Simulator across three CRT monitors.

The video comes courtesy of the YouTube channel LGR, which focuses on retro gaming. LGR has a variety of videos that mash up old technology with new, such as running a floppy disk on a smartphone. In its recent video of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the game spans across monitors from Optiquest, COMPAQ, and Gateway. Those names should shoot you back into the days of Encarta and messaging your friends on AIM — or MSN Messenger if you’re that person.

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Despite being on such old hardware, the game actually looks alright, in a retro tech sort of way. The monitors don’t even have the same aspect ratio but put together, the setup has a resolution of 3072×768, according to the video’s description.

If you want a bit of an old school hardware feel with your Microsoft Flight Simulator setup, you don’t have to use monitors from the 90s. You can grab a joystick or yoke. These provide a tactile and classic feel to the flight sim even though they’re newer hardware.

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