Microsoft Edge version 92 will ensure automatic HTTPS connections

Microsoft Edge is always improving itself with useful features and updates designed to protect its users, and today’s news focuses on the latter category. In the latest bit of security news for the browser, Microsoft’s 365 roadmap shows that version 92 of Edge is slated to receive automatic HTTPS domain upgrades where applicable (via TechRadar).

The feature will be optional, and its status is “in development.” Its tentative release date is July 2021. This is the full description included with the update listing on the 365 roadmap:

Starting with Microsoft Edge version 92, users will have the option to upgrade navigations from HTTP to HTTPS on domains likely to support this more secure protocol. This support can also be configured to attempt delivery over HTTPS for all domains. More secure connections help protect customers from man-in-the-middle attacks

If you’re wondering what the difference between HTTP versus HTTPS is in simplest terms, the answer is that HTTPS encrypts your data, providing an added layer of protection when visiting places on the web such as payment processing pages where sensitive data is exchanged. It’s always nice to have the “S” on the end of HTTP wherever possible, which is why Edge is working to make HTTPS domains easier to reach.

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Edge’s constant feature updates and wide reach, like with its recent usability upgrade on Xbox, make it a good browser for those who want a single, reliable browser for all their web usage. More security is icing on the cake.

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