Microsoft Edge bringing Collections to Android app

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The Microsoft Edge browser may not be the most popular browser out there but it does have its charms. It is of course way better than the ill-fated Internet Explorer, although that really isn’t saying much. One thing that a lot of browser-heavy users might find useful is a feature called Collections and they’re now testing it out on Microsoft Edge for Android, if you’re one of the beta testers of course. It looks like a server-side update though as not all on the latest beta update are able to see it.

Collections is a way to, well, collect links, images, videos, and other information and group them accordingly. So if you’re doing research for a project or you’re gathering pegs for work, or you’re planning a surprise online party for a loved one, this is one way you can put all the stuff you found on your browser in one, organized place. Well, there are apps and app features where you can do that of course but if you’re using Microsoft Edge anyway, you don’t need to save it somewhere else.

When you open your browser, tap on the three-dot button on the bottom bar and then tap on the Collections icon in the center. To create a new Collection, tap on the + sign, give it a name, then add links or images by tapping on the Add to Collection button from the menu. You can save and sync them on that device so you can access them on another device, as long as you sign in to your Microsoft account.

Microsoft Edge has been a more than decent browser ever since they rebuilt it using the Chromium open-source framework that other browsers like Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, and Amazon Silk use. Collections is just the latest feature that you can expect on your Android app, although now it’s still in the testing phase so you might have to wait a while before it rolls out to the stable version.

You have to be a beta tester for Microsoft Edge of course, according to XDA Developers. Try to update your browser to the latest version which is Again, not everyone yet on that version is seeing it so you might have to wait too.

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