Microsoft Copilot on Galaxy Book 4 unites Windows OS and One UI

Next to Microsoft’s Surface lineup, Samsung’s laptops have slowly become among the best solutions for Windows OS users who prefer Android phones over iOS. Samsung and Microsoft have worked together to bridge the gap between the Microsoft and Android operating systems, and the Galaxy Book 4 lineup has achieved the best results so far.

This week, Samsung announced that its collaboration with Microsoft has made it possible for its Galaxy Book 4 laptops to take advantage of the Microsoft Copilot feature.

The Galaxy Book 4 laptop series went on sale in select markets on January 2, and Samsung says the availability of Microsoft Copilot will vary by market and device.

Copilot brings Galaxy Books and phones closer than ever

Microsoft Copilot is an intuitive AI system that allows Windows PC users – in this case, Galaxy Book 4 users – to connect to their Galaxy phones seamlessly and even turn their phones into powerful PC cameras for video calls and video conferencing through apps like Microsoft Teams.

Copilot can also create and send messages automatically on behalf of Galaxy Book 4 and phone users. It can track down restaurant recommendations your friends have made in previous messages, send messages to contacts asking about dinner plans, and look up product reviews in your browser — all from your PC without having to open individual apps on your Galaxy phone.

In essence, Copilot makes it possible to use various Galaxy phone features from your Galaxy Book 4 laptop without having to open multiple apps, and everything should be seamless. It brings Windows PCs and One UI closer together than ever, as users can perform various tasks using just one device — their laptops — rather than switching between their PCs and Android smartphones.

Meanwhile, transforming the Galaxy phone into a powerful PC camera enables powerful features like Background Blur and Auto-framing. Needless to say, Galaxy flagship cameras are above and beyond the capabilities of average webcams, and using a smartphone for video conferencing and video calls on Galaxy Books is a game-changer.

Image Credit: Samsung

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