Microsoft commits additional $110 million to help Washington state

Washington state is heading into its 10th month of COVID-related shutdowns and restrictions. Microsoft has offered significant help over that time, and announced an additional commmittment of $110 million to go towards the region’s recovery. Microsoft’s pledge covers a wide range of affected people and areas, including supporting Microsoft’s hourly workers, expanding support for nonprofits in Washington state, providing technology to local schools, and donating PPE to schools.

In addition to its sizeable financial commitment, Microsoft also explains its support of the Washington Department of Health’s updated COVID-19 guidelines and the push to prioritize vaccines for teachers.

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“As we head into the holidays, we want these workers and their families to know that we will continue to stand by their side,” said Microsoft president Brad Smith. “Today, we commit that we will continue to pay all our onsite vendor hourly service providers their regular pay until they can return to our campuses.”

Microsoft announced in March that it would continue to pay the wages of the hourly service providers on its campuses, even if their full services aren’t required. Microsoft will continue to pay wages to onsite hourly workers until campuses “return to a full presence.” That could be as soon as July 2021, but Microsoft specifies that it will continue to pay the workers until the date of their return, regardless of when that is.

More than $98 million of assistance has been provided to nonprofits in Washington state by Microsoft this year. Microsoft commits to continue those efforts, including ongoing cash grants and in-kind support. The company projects that it will provide roughly $60 million of additional support between December 1, 2020 and July 15, 2021.

Microsoft will also provide technology solutions to help Washington state schools better track and report COVID-19-related testing data and donate PPE and cleaning supplies to schools.

As a result of its newly-announced commitment, Microsoft has reached approximately $250 million worth of commitments to its hourly workers and supporting local nonprofits.

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