Microsoft Clippy is back from the dead (sort of) on macOS

Do you find yourself pining for the good ol’ days of Microsoft Office, when your trusty assistant, Clippy, would interrupt your work with “helpful” suggestions at every turn? Well, now you can have a bit of that experience back — sort of.

Developer Devran Uenal has brought Clippy back from the dead on macOS as a desktop buddy. The project is available on Github, allowing you to add him to your desktop as a little animated reminder of days gone by.

Thankfully, you won’t get any annoying interruptions here. Clippy is currently just an animated character that sits on your desktop and stares at you with a longing gaze. You can right click Clippy to and select “Animate” to give the little guy a little more life, but that’s about all he can do for now.

Adding sounds to Clippy is on Uenal’s to-do list, as is bringing other support agents from the old days back to life. For now, though, you’ll have to live with a silent, but animated, Clippy.

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