Microsoft Authenticator brings autofill feature for passwords

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Microsoft previously said that its Authenticator app will be getting new features which include autofill for passwords. Now we’re getting more details as to how this will work. The good news for those who are using Google Chrome as well as Microsoft apps is that we’re getting an autofill extension so you will still be able to save and sync passwords across devices by saving them to your Microsoft account. This feature makes it easier to store strong passwords especially if you have a lot of online accounts and sign in to a lot of websites.

Basically, the autofill feature will store all passwords on your Microsoft account through the Authenticator app. When you open the app, go to the Passwords tab and sign in with your Microsoft account. If you already have passwords previously saved there, it will sync to the app. When you enter your password on the login page of an app or a website, you will get a prompt from Authenticator if you want to save it and it will then sync in to your account. Then when you sign in again, it will offer to autofill it.

For users who use multiple browsers, you now get a Microsoft Autofill extension for Google Chrome. It will let you autofill and save your passwords to your Microsoft account even as you’re using Chrome to browse so all your passwords can still be synced on your mobile devices and on your Microsoft Edge and Chrome accounts. The extension can be found on the Chrome Web Store. Of course, you’ll be prompted to sign in to your Microsoft account for this to work.

The Authenticator app will also have an Import feature so you will be able to easily bring your saved passwords either from Chrome or some of the password managers available in the market. You will also be able to import CSV files in case you’ve saved passwords in that format as well. And in case you’re worried about the security of your passwords, Microsoft Authenticator has strong multi-factor authentication aside from just your Microsoft account password.

Microsoft says they’re working on bringing other autofill information like payment info, addresses, etc to Microsoft Edge on your mobile devices, also through the Authenticator app. We’ll hear more updates probably in the next few months.

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