Microsoft and Qualcomm’s Vision AI Developer Kit hits general availability

Microsoft and Qualcomm have released the Vision AI Developer Kit. The dev kit includes a camera and software required to work with multiple Azure platforms. With it, companies can use Azure IoT Edge and Azure Machine Learning. The kit is based on the Qualcomm Vision Intelligence Platform and powered by Qualcomm AI Engine. The dev kit was announced last year and was available in preview last summer, but it is now generally available to the public. The kit can be purchased for $249 from Arrow Electronics.

The Vision AI Developer Kit supports end-to-end Azure enabled solutions as well as real-time image processing. In the block post announcing its availability, Microsoft shares a couple of examples of the kit in action, including a company tracking if all employees are wearing a hard hat on a construction site and a company tracking the stock on store shelves.

The Vision AI Developer Kit can be used with three different options for developers. Custom Vision is an Azure Cognitive Service that can be used without requiring code development. It uses the Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine. Azure Machine Learning allows users to use code, visual drag and drop, and automated machine learning experiences. Visual Studio Code allows developers to modify sample modules and create their own code which can be containerized and deployed on the camera.

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