Microsoft 365 roadmap revamped to make it easier to follow feature progress

The Microsoft 365 roadmap is a useful website for tracking upcoming features for Microsoft’s apps and services. We often browse through the roadmap to see what’s coming up for Teams, Office, or other apps. A recent revamp to the Microsoft 365 roadmap makes it easier to find entries for features.

The website’s design appears to have been refreshed within the last week. As far as we can tell, the major design change occurred on October 13, 2021. The site now has more filtering options, visual indicators for the progress of features, and new sorting options.

Filters are now just below the header image, making it more clear which filters you’ve applied to a search query.

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The biggest visual change is that the Microsoft 365 roadmap now has “feature cards” rather than showing entries in a table format. These feature cards optimize the layout of the website and can be expanded or collapsed. When collapsed, they still show the title of the entry and a visual indicator of how far along the feature is. You can sort the feature cards by preview date or general availability date.

The changes rolled out to the desktop and mobile versions of the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

Dates on the Microsoft 365 roadmap are targets, not firm goals, but they provide an indication of when features will ship to Microsoft’s apps and services.

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