Michael Kors Access Lexington leaks as new Wear OS smartwatch

It looks like the Fossil Group is prepping to launch another smartwatch after an image was shared on Reddit that appears to show off a new Michael Kors watch.

Apparently that new watch will be called the Michael Kors Access Lexington with the revealing image, which was posted to the Wear OS subreddit, showing multiple models displayed alongside the Access Sofie Heart Rate smartwatch.

If genuine, this would be an interesting launch for the fact that Michael Kors already sells a Lexington traditional watch for men. That would indicate it’s going back to making smartwatches for men having launched its last two Wear OS smartwatches squarely aimed at women. The Michael Kors Access Grayson, its last smartwatch designed for men launched back in 2017.

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It seems that the Lexington will bring many of the same upgrades that recently landed with the Sofie Heart Rate, like a waterproof design and swim tracking. It also looks set to bring interchangeable bands, heart rate monitoring, activity tracking and notification support to the table along with all the usual Wear OS features.

The Lexington seems to share a similar design to the Sofie, with a slightly more muted look, and smoother edges to its watch face, minus the gems that lined the Sofie’s display. It also looks like you’ll be able to choose between a few different band and case combinations too.

While Fossil recently announced its first Gen 5 watches, judging from the models pictured and the specs details alongside them, it seems the Lexington will miss out on those big new features. That means it could lack a built-in speaker to let you make calls and listen to music from your wrist.

The image also details the pricing of some of the Lexington models, which range from €369 to €419. This converts to between £335 and £380.

With IFA 2019 on the horizon, the timing of the image surfacing could point to an imminent unveiling. So we might not have to wait too long to find out if it’s the real deal and whether this new Michael Kors smartwatch will miss out on getting the Gen 5 treatment.

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