Michael Chu, lead writer at Blizzard Entertainment, leaves after 20 years

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Michael Chu has been with Blizzard Entertainment in some capacity or another for 20 years. He’s worked on several of the company’s games, including World of Warcraft, Diablo III and Overwatch. Today, Chu announced that he is leaving Blizzard in a blog post. In his post, Chu reflects on his work with Overwatch and the positive, hopeful future it presented, with opportunities for diversity and inclusion.

“Now, as I head out through the Blizzard doors for a last time, I have new dreams: to continue to tell these stories and build worlds that unite people through games. To help create an inclusive world where more people will want to share stories that reflect their own experiences. I hope it’s something we can build together,” Chu writes. “That’s the future that I believe in.”

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There’s no mention of where Chu will be working next, but we wish him the best wherever he’s off to. We’ll continue to provide updates when we learn what Chu is working on. Blizzard has two major games in its pipeline, with Overwatch 2 (which Chu worked on some extent) and Diablo IV both announced at BlizzCon 2019.

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