Mi Smart Upgrade plan promises the newest Mi, Redmi phones

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Mi Xiaomi Smart Upgrade

Xiaomi India has recently made an important announcement. Those who have their Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones will be glad to know their next upgrade is assured. The Chinese OEM has introduced “Mi Smart Upgrade”. It is a special program that lets consumers to easily upgrade to the latest model. It includes easy enrolment process that allows quick upgrade of your device anytime after three months to 15 months. This promo is ideal for those who like to upgrade their phones to the latest models regularly. Not many people will admit it but there are those that can and like to buy phones every time a new model is out.

Xiaomi is offering the Smart Upgrade plan for ₹399 (INR) as a starting price. It’s available in India, at least, for now. The company is encouraging people to not just exchange but actually get a new phone with the Smart Upgrade.

It’s a guarantee the buyer of a Redmi or Mi phone is given a fixed and assured buyback price for the smartphone when they get the latest model. It doesn’t require a lot of documents, you just need to bring back the older phone.

Xiaomi has shared the buyback values. Devices that are 4 to 6 months old, buyback value is 70% of the suggested retail price. Phones that are only 7 to 9 months are still worth about 60% of its price. Devices falling between 10 to 12 months are valued at half the price. Those 13 to 15 months are worth 40% of its SRP.

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