Mi Health to get heart rate monitoring with the use of a camera

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Xiaomi Mi Health App Update

Heart rate monitoring is now common in most health and fitness trackers and smartwatches. It’s not available though in all wearables available in the market today but it’s something that may be added to current health apps with a few tweaks here and there. The Mi Health app was only released last year so it’s not complete yet. Developers at Xiaomi have worked on updates to add to the basic features like sleep monitoring, step tracking, and menstruation cycle tracking for the women.

The app works well with MIUI 12. Earlier this year, it was updated with enhancement to the step counter. New sleep tracking features were added. A sedentary reminder was also included. Now we’ve got word the latest addition is heart rate monitoring.

The updated Mi Health app will now show a person’s heart rate. You don’t even have to have to use another device. You only need your phone’s camera to check yout heart rate.

While the app is open, check the new Heart rate section. The app will ask you to block the phone’s camera and flash with a finger. The device can already measure your heart rate. Just hold still until you see 100% that means the process is done.

The app will then ask what state you are in whether general state, resting state, or after exercise. The app will then show a ‘view report’ tab. Click on it to show your heart rate. Mi Health will also tell you if that is fast, slow, or normal.

The updated Mi Health app will roll out beginning next week. Watch out for version 2.7.4.

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