Meural WiFi Photo Frame lets you show off your best photos

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The demand for digital photo frames has not been that hight for the past few years. And with the advent of smart displays, that probably dwindled even more. But Netgear believes there’s still a market for their newest product, the Meural WiFi Photo Frame for those who want to display their best photos and digital memories in their best quality or closest to print quality. This accessory is designed to be part of your decoration but with the added bonus of being a connected smart frame.

The Meural WiFi Photo Frame is housed in a 13.5 x 7.5-inch frame and 15.6-inch diagonal display. It uses an anti-glare “TrueArt” display technology so you and those looking at your frame will be able to enjoy it from any angle and the crystal-clear display lets you see the photos in all their brilliant details. It also has integrated sensors that can monitor the ambient lighting and adjust the brightness of the images and when it’s dark, the frame can go to sleep.

Using the Meural smartphone app, you can send images to the display or choose to show already existing galleries on your smartphone. You can also sync albums to the display so whenever you add photos to that album, it’s updated on the frame. You can schedule albums and playlists to show at specific times of the day or to change what it’s showing at certain times. Family members and friends can also contribute to the shared albums if you send them a link.

You also get gesture controls if you want to navigate between the photos in the slide shows and also to see the details behind the photos. It can work in both portrait and landscape orientations and the photos will automatically rotate and display the ones that match the current orientation. You can also use the Meural frame to work with the Netgear subscription digital art package but it already comes with 100 free artworks as well.

The Meural WiFi Photo Frame is now available at and other online retailers for $299.95. In case you own the previous Mural Canvas displays from NetGear, the new smart features for this one will also be rolled out to previous models.

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