Memory and Energy Saver modes finally arrive for Galaxy Books

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser, highly regarded for its ease of use and great functionality, but it’s also known to be a bit of a memory hog. Google has now released a couple of new optimization features called ‘Memory Saver and Energy Saver.’ Both of these Google Chrome features were announced in December 2022 and are now widely rolling out for Windows, Chromebooks, and Mac.

The Memory Saver and Energy Saver modes are arriving with the Google Chrome 110. The Google Chrome Memory Saver basically snoozes the inactive Chrome tabs, thereby saving RAM and utilizing it for more resource-intensive tasks. This gives you an overall better browsing experience. The inactive tabs are snoozed in such a way that you can pick up where you left off without any issues.

Memory and Energy Saver modes can also be enabled via Chrome flags

Moreover, you also have the option to add your favorite websites as exempt from Memory Saver mode, making sure that they always run at their maximum possible performance. Speaking of the Energy Saver mode, it will help limit any unnecessary background activities, such as visual effects, animations, or videos.

You can opt to enable the Google Chrome Energy Saver mode when the battery of your laptop goes below 20%. When you turn on this feature, you will see a ‘leaf icon’ beside the Omnibox and a draught of heavy animations or visual effects when browsing. This mode also disables smooth scrolling to preserve the battery. Google Chrome 110 users can find the Memory Saver and Energy Saver modes inside the Performance tab of Chrome’s settings.

If the features aren’t visible, then you can enable the Energy Saver flag via chrome://flags/#battery-saver-mode-available or the Memory Saver flag through chrome://flags/#high-efficiency-mode-available.

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