Meizu 21x charging revealed, the company isn’t quitting on smartphones just yet

Meizu officially announced it’s exiting the smartphone business back in February and will focus more on AI and products for the automotive industry, after Geely acquired the tech firm. In fact, Meizu is planning to unveil its DreamCar MX EV this year, although it missed the mark for the first quarter.

Meizu 21x charging revealed, the company isn't quitting on smartphones just yet

In any case, a recent rumor came out, suggesting Meizu is working on a smartphone after all and the latest report coming straight from China corroborates these early findings.

The report confirms the 66W charging capability and the 5,500 mAh battery through a 3C certification but suggests a high-end chip will be powering the Meizu 21x. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip is a step up from what was initially rumored.

Could this be Meizu’s last phone ever, or has the company changed its mind? We hope to find out soon enough.

Source (in Chinese)

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