Meet on Chromecast allows for bigger view of video conferences

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This pandemic has changed a lot of things all over the world. When it comes to tech, we’ve witnessed how quickly companies have adapted and are continually improving to meet the demands and needs of millions of people. Google has stepped up to advance some of its products and services. Hangouts was eventually rebranded into Meet as a rival for Zoom. The tech giant regularly updates the app. It added a tiled gallery view for up to 16 people, low-light mode to video conferencing, and option for background blur.

Google Meet is now available free for all Google users. It’s also now available on Gmail for Android. The background blur may also be joined by custom backgrounds.

The latest has something to do with Chromecast. Following Meet on Nest Hub Max’s success, Google is rolling out the integration of Meet with Chromecast. This simply means you can cast the Google Meet screen onto a bigger display. Viewing the online conference on your phone or computer may be enough but it’s better on a larger screen.

Meet with Chromecast may be ideal for work as you deliver a report or presentation, do distance learning, or connect with family. Make sure first your Chrome version is the latest. The Chromecast device must also be updated to the latest firmware.

Parents that work from home and students that have started online learning will find Meet on Chromecast very convenient. Seeing things in a larger view makes another difference. In this time when we’re mostly glued to the screen whether, for work, school, or entertainment, a better and bigger display can be more enjoyable and beneficial.

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