Massive SmartThings update is live with a new UI and increases load times

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Samsung made a surprise announcement today when it revealed that SmartThings is getting a brand-new user interface that was designed with careful consideration to customer feedback. And aside from a refreshed look that makes it easier for users to control their IoT devices, Samsung also claims that the latest SmartThings version improves performance and speeds up load times.

The new UI design falls more in line with the SmartThings app for Windows 10, which was released last month along with the Galaxy Book series of notebooks. The latest update breaks down the SmartThings app into five different sections called Favorites, Devices, Life, Automations, and Menu. Their functions are detailed below.

  • Favorites is a new home screen that brings the most-used devices, services, and scenes to the foreground for quick access.
  • Devices is equally self-explanatory and acts as a complete list of connected devices.
  • Life is a section that gives customers a new way to discover new SmartThings services. The section also teaches users about enhanced functions and ways to improve their living experience.
  • Automations allow users to set specific conditions for devices and scenes. They are enabled automatically when user-defined criteria are met.
  • Menu will be the home of additional features such as Settings, Notifications, History, and SmartThings Labs.

Samsung has revealed that these changes were made after listening to customer feedback. The goal was to simplify the user experience, especially now that smart homes are growing in popularity.

The updated SmartThings UI is available for the Android platform beginning today. The iOS app will be updated “shortly after,” though no exact dates were revealed.

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