Majority of Windows Central readers will not preorder Halo Infinite

Even though the idea of preordering games has become somewhat antiquated now that digital copies have risen to prominence and shortage supplies are a nonissue, some people like putting money down in advance. One may expect Halo to be the top of the list when it comes to franchises people preorder just to preorder, given its widespread popularity. And yet, many Windows Central readers have stated they’re not too keen on giving cash early for Infinite.

In a poll we ran Saturday, we asked readers if they’d preorder the upcoming Halo game. Out of 296 votes, only 80 were for the “I’ve already preordered” or “I plan to preorder” options, meaning over two-thirds of respondents had no intention of locking in a reservation for the game. That’s largely because of Game Pass, which 46.28% (137 votes) of people said would be their method of playing Infinite.

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Many people in the comments brought up Game Pass as well. The only commenter who definitively said they’re preordering just the game was doing so to secure the Steelbook version. Another commenter mentioned they’d inadvertently preordered the game via their efforts to procure the limited edition Halo-themed Xbox Series X.

What are your opinions on this news? Do you feel the best Xbox Game Pass games render the preorder process obsolete now that you don’t have to invest money in any one specific title? And for those who want to preorder Halo Infinite, is there a reason you’re going to, outside of Steelbooks, or ending up with the game as an unintended consequence of buying a Halo-themed console?

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