macOS 12 Monterey Beta 5 Reveals Updated iWork Icons

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Apple is working on updated icons for the macOS versions of its iWork apps, according to images discovered by MacRumors. The new icons are included in the framework of macOS 12 Monterey beta 5 that handles the display of collaboration links in apps such as iMessage.

The images of the new macOS iWork icons for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are relatively low-resolution given the small size they are displayed at for sharing purposes, but it’s clear they are a mix of the flat design and solid background colors of the iWork icons first introduced with iOS 7 and the latest macOS versions introduced for Big Sur in November 2020 that feature more photorealistic elements.

iWork Trio FeatureCurrent iOS iWork icons

The macOS 12 Monterey Pages icon keeps its orange theme, the 45-degree angle of the pen, and written line of the iOS-style Pages icon while replacing the flat pen glyph with a more realistic-looking white pen, compared to the current macOS Pages icon that features a photorealistic orange pen on a white pad of paper.
The upcoming Numbers icon for Monterey moves from the current graph paper background to the solid green background of the iOS Numbers icon. It features a white version of the bar chart currently seen on the macOS icon with shadows for the bars and omits the line under the bars that is seen on iOS.

iwork big sur iconsCurrent macOS iWork icons

The refreshed Keynote icon features the same blue background of the iOS Keynote icon rather than the white slide grid view of the macOS icon. The podium and pie chart document are similar to the version seen on the current macOS Keynote icon, but with the color of the podium changed from blue to white.
The new icons should be included with the iWork apps when they are updated for macOS 12 Monterey later this year. It is not clear at this time whether these icons will also come to the iWork suite for iOS alongside iOS 15.

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