Luna Display converts your iPad into a second screen for your Windows 10 PC

Luna Display is a popular app that allows you to use your iPad as a second display for your computer. Previously, Luna Display was only available for Macs, but now it is on its way to Windows. Astropad, the makers of Luna Display, launched a Kickstarter today for the Windows version of the app. The lowest pledge that gets you access to Luna Display is currently $49.

Luna Display utilizes a small dongle that you place inside your PC. That dongle allows your computer to connect to your iPad wirelessly through Wi-Fi, though you can use it with a wired connection if you prefer.

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Once connected, Luna Display acts like any other secondary monitor. You can drag apps back and forth between your two displays, interact with touch on your iPad, and even use the Apple Pencil to draw on your Windows apps.

Luna Display earned solid marks when our friends at iMore reviewed it a couple of years ago. The PC version should deliver similar results.

Generally speaking, you need to take caution when committing to a Kickstarter project. You should feel more comfortable with Luna Display, however, as it’s been around for years on Mac.

Extend your screen

Luna Display

The popular app makes its way to Windows

Luna Display is a popular app that wirelessly extends a computer’s display to an iPad. Now, it’s coming to Windows as well.

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