Luminar Neo photo editor now available through the Microsoft Store

Software maker Skylum just released Luminar Neo for Windows 11 through the Microsoft Store. The image editing application relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance photos. It includes tools for relighting images, replacing the sky, fixing skin imperfections, and other common edits.

You can purchase Luminar Neo for a one-time price of $79 or pay for a subscription that costs $59 per year. A seven-day free trial of the software is available as well. There are also plans and buying options that include a Luminar X membership and other benefits.

Our colleagues at TechRadar reviewed Luminar Neo, giving it a four out of five. The app earned praise for its simple interface and affordability but lost marks for inconsistency from its automated features.

“Luminar Neo offers a fulsome set of tools for not much money. It certainly compares favorably to even Adobe’s great-value Photography Plan – within six months you’ll start saving money,” said TechRadar’s Dave Stevenson in his review. “It’s worth noting, of course, that the double-team of Photoshop and Lightroom will rightly remain the first choice of many professionals for some time to come.”

Other reviews of the software have not been as positive.

We’ll have to take a closer look at Luminar Neo to see how it stacks up against the best Windows photo editing apps. Skylum has some before and after shots that have been edited with AI tools. It’s worth noting that some of the images, such as the portrait background removal examples, show rough edges that crop out portions of the subject’s hair.

Luminar Neo Logo Square

Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is an AI-based photo editing app that’s now available for Windows through the Microsoft Store. It has built-in tools for sky replacement, removing skin imperfections, and other common edits.

From $59/year at Skylum

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