Love calling people? You better buy that new Samsung foldable phone!

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Let me state at the outset that I have been a very proud Galaxy Fold owner since the day it came out. It’s my daily driver. I have taken it with me on vacation where most people dare not take a Galaxy Fold. I really can’t imagine ever switching back to regular phones, owning the Galaxy Fold has been kind of a lifechanging experience for me.So you can probably imagine that I’m very excited about Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone which it’s going to unveil next month. It’s be called everything from the Galaxy Fold 2 to the Galaxy Bloom and most recently, the Galaxy Flip Z. It doesn’t matter what Samsung ends up calling it, what matters is that it resurrects the clamshell form factor in the foldable era.Galaxy Flip Z will offer a refreshing break from the monotonyClamshell or flip phones were all the rage less than two decades ago. There’s something inherently cool about this form factor as it allows the handsets to be sleek and fashionable. Also, hanging up on someone by just slamming your phone shut was perhaps one of the most satisfying things ever. You can’t do that on a modern smartphone, where you just furiously tap on that red end call button.The form factor of Samsung’s new foldable smartphone is going to have a lot of nostalgic value for many people. It’s going to put a big smile on your face as it will instantly remind you of the good old days but it’s obviously going to be much more capable than any mobile phone from that era.If you’re someone who likes calling people, the Galaxy Flip Z will offer a refreshing break from the monotony of the candy bar form factor, by just being completely different from any smartphone you’ve owned in recent memory. Obviously, the ability to snap it shut to end the call will also be quite appealing. Even if you’re not hanging up on someone, just the act of closing your phone to end a call will trigger a sense of achievement, as it did back then. It’s just going to be a completely different vibe.However, that might not be the vibe you get from the upcoming foldable smartphone if you’re someone who prefers to text a lot instead. In this day and age, that’s actually most people. There’s a reason why you can now have a car waiting outside for you or have food delivered to you without ever having to talk to someone. It doesn’t mean someone’s antisocial, it’s just that the world has changed significantly after the rapid advancement in technology.If you’re big on texting, you may not be that interested in the Galaxy Flip Z. There’s actually a big reason why you may not want to buy this phone to begin with. If you feel that’s you, make sure to check out this small post on why Samsung’s next foldable smartphone may not be for you.That being said, we’re super excited about everything that Samsung will be showing us at Unpacked on February 11. We’ll be attending the event in San Francisco so you’ll definitely be seeing detailed coverage of all new devices right here on SamMobile.

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