Lost your Galaxy Note 20 S Pen already? Replacement will cost you $40

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has been available only for a few days now but there may be some users that have already lost or damaged their S Pen. Since the main differentiation of the Note series from the S series is this tiny accessory, then they may probably be looking for a replacement. Well, Samsung has now made the S Pen available on its own for purchase but the price may have you wishing you’ve taken better care of your pen.

One of the selling points of the Galaxy Note 20 series is that they have improved the S Pen, in case you weren’t too happy with its performance in the previous Note devices. It now has a 26ms latency on the regular Galaxy Note 20 and an impressive 9ms on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. It also has different colors to match the color of the body of your device. While you’re probably pretty careful about not losing or damaging your S Pen, there may still be situations when you’d need a replacement.

So if that’s your situation right now or you’re foreseeing this to happen soon or you just have extra money that you don’t know where to put right now, Samsung is selling the S Pen for the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra separately. You will have to shell out $39.99 for this accessory, which is considerably more expensive than the previous S Pens for the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Note 10.

If you’ve never used an S Pen before, you will be able to use it to write on your phablet’s screen even when it’s locked. You can also use it for music playback control, remote for your camera, air gestures for your controller for your presentations, etc. It also has an Air Command for shortcuts like screen writing, smart select tool, etc. Basically, if you lose the S Pen, a lot of the unique functions that you can do on your Galaxy Note 20 will be gone as well.

The S Pen has a 0.77mm tip diameter, has 4096 pressure level support, 10m of range, and also an IP68 rating. It’s now available at Samsung store.

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