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Best Color Laser Printers Windows Central 2020

People choose laser printers when they want machines that can handle a heavy workload and get it done quickly. Laser printers have large paper trays, fast print speeds, and are built to handle long and repeated use. While many laser printers only print in black and white, there are some excellent color laser printers. Generally, a laser printer will not be able to print high-quality photos, but if you’re printing out plenty of simple pages that feature some color, these printers will get the job done.

Staff Favorite

This printer creates documents with a 1200×2400 DPI resolution and can print at 30 pages per minute. That allows you to create high-quality documents rapidly. It has secure HTTPS to help keep sensitive documents safe and Wi-Fi for easy connectivity. The price for this printer jumps up and down a bit, so you might want to check back to find its best price.

$231 at Amazon

This color laser printer pumps out sheets at 22 pages per minute and has a 250-sheet capacity. Those aren’t the highest numbers that you’ll see from a color laser printer, but this printer is easy to use, well-built, and from a well-recognized brand. It also supports wireless connectivity and allows you to print things from a PC or phone.

$219 at Amazon

If you want a printer that takes up less room on your desk, this is a solid option. It’s a lot less bulky than some laser printers, allowing you to place it on a desk without taking up your whole workspace. It has a paper try for 250 sheets and prints at 19 pages per minute. It also supports wireless printing.

$180 at Amazon

Security-minded people should check out this printer. It only stores documents in short-term memory, so if you’re handling confidential or private documents, you can feel more secure. It also has a high-capacity cartridge that lowers toner expenses, prints at 22 pages per minute, and works with Wi-Fi.

$184 at Amazon

This printer has a somewhat smaller 150-sheet paper capacity tray but comes in a smaller frame. It has a wide set of connection options, including Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, or Apple AirPrint. It also has a color touchscreen to make controlling it easier.

$165 at Amazon

This printer has a rapid 33 pages per minute printing rate, so you can sprint through bigger jobs. It also works as a scanner and copier so you can get more work done in the office. You can replenish this printer’s toner through Amazon Dash Replenishment to make sure you’re always ready to go.

$400 at Amazon

Which printer should you buy?

Laser printers won’t produce high-quality pictures, but they’re excellent for producing large quantities of high-quality documents. And since these laser printers all support color, you’re not as limited as you are with monochrome printers. If you need to get bulk jobs done or you do a lot of printing, you should look at a laser printer. They’re built to withstand heavy workloads and extended use.

All of the printers on this list will help you print plenty of color sheets quickly, but the Xerox Phaser 6510 stands out from the rest. It prints at 30 pages per minute, creates documents with a high DPI resolution, and comes at a fair price.

If you’re more security conscious, you should take a look at the Canon Color imageCLASS LBP622Cdw. It only stores documents in short-term memory, so classified and private documents are more secure. It is also a nice bargain because it can still print at 22 pages per minute.

For a larger selection of laser printers, you should check out our list of the best overall laser printers.

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