At Amazon you can get your hands on the Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse for just $84. That’s the lowest ever price for this ergonomic computer mouse and is $6 lower than its average price of $90. Up until late last year, this mouse was selling for its full retail price of $100.

If you happen to use a computer on a daily basis, whether for work, gaming, or surfing the internet, you have likely experienced discomfort stemming from using your mouse. Logitech’s MX Vertical mouse has been scientifically tested and designed with that in mind, in an effort to reduce muscle fatigue and forearm strain. Its form has you hold it in the handshake position, with a 57-degree vertical angle which alleviates some of the tension that arises from the extended use of a traditional mouse. It’s built to fit a variety of hand shapes and sizes and has a 4,000 DPI high-precision sensor along with a cursor speed switch allowing you to adjust the DPI speed with the press of a button.

Like the popular MX Master, this mouse is capable of seamlessly switching between multiple computers. You can even copy and paste files between them. There are a few different ways it can be used too; a USB-C cable is included which lets you use the mouse or charge it up, and there’s also a USB unifying receiver which allows you to use the mouse wirelessly. It’s Bluetooth-compatible, too, and has a battery which can last for up to four months on a single charge.

You can get other vertical mice for less money, like the well-reviewed $20 Anker wireless vertical mouse, but with them comes a compromise on a good number of the great features the MX Vertical includes.

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